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Your Acting Career is a Business and Your Business Needs a Plan!

I've always been an actor, just ask my parents. Since the time I could walk and talk, I've been getting up in front of people and performing; a song, a play, a story, you name it. It just seemed to come naturally to me and I truly enjoyed entertaining people. It was not until I started acting in high school that I realized I had found my calling. For better or worse, a professional actor was what I was meant to be. Accordingly, I went off to college to study the craft of acting and the workings of the theatre. Learn More


To Be Or Wanna Be

Written to be a primer for the beginning actor, To Be or Wanna Be – The Top Ten Differences between a Successful Actor and a Starving Artist is a business/self-help book that highlights the behaviors, actions or attitudes that have the greatest impact on one’s chances of becoming a “Successful Actor.” I contrast these with the destructive ones of the “Starving Artist”; starting with what I consider the core differences and expanding out to encompass the more complex ones.  These ten differences have been drawn from my own experience, as well as the mindset I’ve tried to create in my own career, and observed in others.
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